Delicatessen at Pengethley Farm ShopDelicatessen

Our delicatessen is a virtual feast for your eyes, full of delicious cheese, locally hand made pies and pates, olives and antipasti, cooked, cured and smoked meats.


Delicious cheese such as the infamous Stinking Bishop, produced locally, and Worcester gold as well as Hereford hop.

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Olives and Antipasti

Our olives include, mixed pitted, pimento stuffed, sun dried tomato stuffed, blue cheese stuffed, feta stuffed, whole kalamata, anchovy stuffed, garlic stuffed and almond stuffed to name our regulars. We also have delicious mini bell peppers stuffed with feta cheese, sweet juicy balsamic onions and semi sun dried tomatoes, which are delicious.

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Cooked Meats

Ham, beef, turkey and roast pork with stuffing – just add apple sauce.
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We sell pies made locally from A Country Kitchen

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