The freshest and finest locally sourced foods inย Herefordshire

Our beef comes from traditional breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Welsh Black, Shorthorn and the famous local breed of Hereford.

At Pengethley Farm Shop we are proud to source the finest locally produced meats produced traditionally under good welfare farming systems. This ensures the animals have good lives which is tasted in meat which is full of flavour.

We source pork from free range and local suppliers. The pigs are grown to high welfare standards and producing happy pigs. The pork is succulent and full of flavour.

Lamb is sourced from local farms who grow the lambs in traditional methods with sheep grazing the fine Herefordshire grasslands. The good welfare systems used to grow the sheep creates a succulent tasty lamb product.

Beef is grown on our own Herefordshire family farms. We grow our beef on a Free Range high welfare system on Herefordshire grasslands where the animals graze from spring through to autumn. The cattle continue their grass based diet in winter when they are housed to protect the animals from the weather conditions. This traditional method of beef farming ensures high welfare as well as producing traditional flavour.

We have traditional breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Welsh Black and Shorthorn and the famous local breed of Hereford as cross bred animals.

We only use local abattoirs within 40 minutes of the farms so minimising stress to animals and doing our bit for the environment with low mileage of delivery of meats to the shop.

The beef is hung for minimum of 28 days before being butchered here on site.

Our experienced butchery team prepare the meats to your requirements.

We also have a growing number of trade and catering customers who have discovered the quality of our products which enhances their reputations as suppliers of quality foods.

We also offer a cutting service for farmers and producers of your own cattle, sheep and pigs. We can arrange the slaughter of your animals and carry out the cutting and packing of the meat. We guarantee you get your own meat back.

We can also make sausages and bacon to order with your own meat. Come and meet Toby, our Butcher, who will be happy to help you.

Our Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday 9.00am โ€“ 5pm

Sunday 10.30am โ€“ 4.30pm

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Our tailor made hampers are the perfect gift for any occasion! ๐ŸŽ
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We have a great opportunity to learn the butchery trade, we are looking for a full time apprentice butcher to join our team!
If you are interested please send us your CV to ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Pengethley Farm Shop4 weeks ago
We now have blackberries! ๐Ÿ˜
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Timetable of the days events attached below........

Roll up roll up The Circus is coming to Garway Common on Sunday 15th July ...... TICKETS available at Pengethley Farm Shop
or can be bought online at
ยฃ8 per person, children 2 yrs and under are free if sat on an adults
lap. See poster for more details!!!
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